Look Who’s Coming Out: Maria Bello Wants You to Know She Loves a Lady


Courtesy All Celebrity Photos


You may know Maria Bello as the brazen Lil from Coyote Ugly, the ill-fated ex-wife of Johnny Depp in Secret Window, or the unfortunate spouse of Kevin James in the Grown Ups films. However you know her, there’s something else she’d like you to know – she’s also in a lesbian relationship.

In a NY Times piece entitled Modern Love: Coming Out as a Modern Family, Bello recounts how she came out to her twelve year-old son, Jackson. Her son took it remarkably well, a product of his liberal upbringing. She describes Clare as her best friend and a close friend of the family. Bello’s parents also approve of the relationship. Sources identify the woman as Clare Munn, global activist and CEO and Founder of social impact media company The Communication Group. Together with her ex-husband, Dan, they are a modern family.


Maria (L) and Clare.

This is not Bello’s first relationship with a woman. She says she had one previous female romantic interest and doesn’t define herself by who she sleeps with. Avoiding labels, she prefers to have a more fluid mentality on love and sexuality.


You can tell it’s not Maria’s first time around the block by her mastery of lesbian outfit-matching.

Whatever label you choose to identify with, welcome to the club, Maria! Now we feel extra bad for all those hours you spent wasting your time on not only Grown Ups, but also Grown Ups 2. May your paycheck have been large and the girl on girl sex you had after been especially steamy. You have chosen well for your first public foray into same-sex relationships. You are well on your way to being the next big lesbian power couple.


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