German GQ Fights Homophobia by Making Out


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding German GQ’s brilliant campaign, “#Mundprapoganda – gentlemen against homophobia,” which begins with the January edition, now on newsstands. The initiative features thirteen heterosexual German hunks, athletes, actors and musicians locking lips for the cause.

#MUNDPropaganda. Courtesy German GQ.

Mund means mouth. Courtesy German GQ.

“The intolerance that still confronts homosexuals is appalling,” said German GQ editor-in-chief José Redondo-Vega. “With #Mundpropaganda, we want to send a clear message against intolerance and for a free society, as well as calling on people to share that thought.” The January issue includes an eight-page spread and a sticker for the campaign that readers can display to show their support of the initiative. “Straight men kissing – that courage is totally admirable, especially for people who are in the public spotlight. The people who turned us down when we were looking for supporters for the initiative are proof that even in Germany, we still have a long way to go,” added Redondo-Vega.

GTSA wants long-time ally Chris Evans to join the campaign.

GTSA wants long-time ally Chris Evans to join the campaign.

It’s a compelling method to relay an important message, one that might have an even stronger effect here in the States. Can you picture opening GQ and seeing your favorite heterosexual stars making out? It’s a total step up from the “No H8” campaign and requires more courage from the models. It’s easy enough to say you support equality, but actually demonstrating that you are comfortable enough to be seen kissing a person of the same gender is so much more impactful.

This got us thinking – what Hollywood hunks would you like to see sucking face with each other? We’re not talking about closeted hunks, like Hugh Jackman, but explicitly straight male celebrities. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are both former GQ cover men – can you imagine Captain America and Thor making out in your magazine? Take our poll below to vote for which hetero hunks you’d love to see in an American version of the campaign.

Who do you want to see Thor make out with? Courtesy Marvel Studios.

Who do you want to see Thor make out with? Courtesy Marvel Studios.


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