Internet Famous: Best GayTubers 2013


GayTubeHolidays got you down? Maybe the snow has your seasonal affective disorder in full swing? In your time of need, the internet is the perfect place to turn for LGBT entertainment and support. When you can’t spend any more time with your relatives, spend some time with our favorite GayTubers instead:

Everyone Is Gay

Everyone Is Gay is a mix of LGBT and professional lip-syncing. They’ve answered everything I’ve ever wanted to know with genuine yet funny advice.

Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are the cutest things you ever did see. You might remember them from their “Legitimate Rape Song,” in which they sarcastically thank Todd Akin for being sexist and completely incompetent.


Arielle’s videos address LGBT issues with humor. My favorite video of hers talks about misconceptions about bisexuals. She often collaborates with other GayTubers so you’ll see a variety of LGBT people weigh in on her topics.


Steph is smart, eloquent, and makes great YouTube videos. She’s my go-to for inspiration when I’m not feeling 100%.

Gay God

Gay God is a god indeed. Anyone who can pull off hair like that gets an A in my book. Him and his boyfriend make me want to melt into a puddle over how cute they are.

Ryan Cassata

Ryan is a transgender singer/songwriter that makes lots of videos about the trans side of the community.  He is really committed to reaching out to trans youth and he’s always there for support.

Ellen DeGeneres

At the end of the day, all we really need is a daily dose of Ellen DeGeneres. But warning: once you start watching, you can’t stop!


One thought on “Internet Famous: Best GayTubers 2013

  1. I love Will & RJ(Shep689), Tyler Oakley, Johnnyboy, Gigi(Gregory)Gorgeous and so many others. These are good too, though, and thanks for the suggestions! We’ve interviewed most of them on our site at raannt.com and you can check out our GAY YouTube channel http:youtube.com/theboysofraannt xo and thanks for the post!

    Posted by pamonn | December 16, 2013, 1:22 am

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