An Open Letter to Parents of Just Out Children


Dear Parents,

If your child came out of the closet to you this holiday season, I’m sure you’re filled with a million emotions and perhaps you’re seeking a little guidance.

First of all, congratulations! You’re child is a homosexual, which is rare like an antique vase or something. Cherish them and handle them with care. Also clean regularly to prevent dust build up.

Two lesbian daughters are better than one.

Two lesbian daughters are better than one.

Your kid is exactly the same person they were before they came out to you. They have always been gay and they will always be gay. The only difference is that you’re no longer oblivious. You’re lesbian daughter can explain to you that the plaid she’s wearing isn’t just seasonal. Or your gay son can finally admit that he spent that iTunes gift card you gave him on Beyoncé’s new album. Totally worth it, by the way.

You’re child was really brave to share their sexuality with you like this. Remember that they took a huge risk by opening up to you. Treat them accordingly. Hugs of reassurance will suffice.

While this may not have been the life you first pictured for them, you’re child has shared what makes them happy. All we really want is acceptance. Let your kid know that you support them no matter what path their life takes. And maybe invite your son’s boyfriend over for next Christmas. It’ll make the yuletide just a tad more gay.

Gay men do make the best sons.

Gay men do make the best sons.


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