Gay Man Kidnapped and Robbed by Colorado Pastor


Doesn't he look like your run-of-the-mill pastor?

Doesn’t he look like your run-of-the-mill pastor?

A pastor for Set Free Ministries of Colorado Springs was arrested for impersonating a U.S.marshall to kidnap and rob a gay man, reports CBS. Rev. Michael Abromovich, who has been charged with three felonies, has shocked his friends and relatives with his actions.

Abromovich posted an ad on Craigslist looking for gay sex. Using the name “Mike” (If you were looking for dick and chickened out, there’s an easier way to back out than robbing the guy), he lured the unsuspecting victim to a Motel 6. He even informed the motel clerk that he was a law enforcement officer and showed a badge. When the man arrived, Abromovich shouted that he was a U.S.marshall, threw the man against the door, and handcuffed him. He held the man at gunpoint with what police now believe to be a paintball gun. Abromovich took the man’s iPad, iPhone, credit cards, cash and car keys “as evidence” (who brings all that to a hookup?). He told the victim he would be at his house in the morning to discuss the “case” with him.

Abromovich was pulled by police over in Phoenix, AZ, where he again flashed his fake badge, but the local police were suspicious. When they discovered Abromovich was wanted in Colorado Springs, they took him into custody and he was extradited back to Colorado. He will appear in court on Tuesday and police believe there may be other victims who were too afraid to come forward.

Abromovich's Twitter Photo.

Abromovich’s Twitter Photo.

Set Free Ministry is an urban church with members including former addicts and alcoholics, as well as homeless people. “Impression of this, robbery – that is so the opposite of what any Christian would be about. We know there is definitely something wrong,” said fellow Pastor Robert Murphy. “He showed us that we couldn’t trust him anymore by the way he was acting, the things he was doing.”

Abromovich was diagnosed with cancer last fall. That coupled with the stress of a new baby is believed to be the motivation for Abromovich’s strange crimes. Umm… Mike, when you have cancer and a new baby, that’s when you start producing meth, not preying on horny gay men.


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