OUAT Recap: Family Business

Once upon a time, Belle had a mom, portrayed by the lovely and talented Frances O’Connor. We learn loving books runs in the family just before an Ogre barges in to kill dear old mommy. Belle wakes up in her bed. Was it all a dream? Nope. The coffin is just out in the hall.

Cut to the present and Belle tells Rumpelstiltskin Emma needs them. Everyone stands around to watch the video of teenage Emma under the foster care of the Snow Queen. Belle doesn’t understand. Does anyone? Emma asks Gold if he knows anything. Everyone offers their own 2 cents, but it’s Henry who mentions the ice cream truck no one else has noticed. Elsa wants to go with Belle. She hesitates, but has no good reason not to take Elsa along.

Back in fairytale land, Belle is reading up on how to get her memories back so she can recall what happened the day her mother died. Her father warns her “magic always comes with a price” and tells her she can’t leave until the doctor says she is well enough. But Belle is an independent woman and sets out for Arendelle anyway.

Meanwhile, back in Arendelle, Elsa and Anna are reunited. Elsa asks Anna what she found out, but Anna lies and says nothing. Anna is surprised to find Elsa has better control of her powers. That’s when the Snow Queen walks in to take credit for Elsa’s advancements. Elsa explains to Anna that the Snow Queen is their aunt. Anna is rightfully confused, as their mother didn’t have any sisters. The Snow Queen explains that she had been trapped in an urn, but Anna still doesn’t trust her. She vents to Kristoff, but he thinks she’s getting worked up over nothing. Still, she wants to ask the trolls about her newly discovered aunt. Pan to the doorway and we see that the Snow Queen overheard everything.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and crew find the ice cream truck in the woods. Emma notices the freezer is locked, so Hook unhooks it. From the contents of the freezer, it’s clear the Snow Queen has been stalking Emma since she first came to our world in that magic armoire. Belle has the opportunity to tell Elsa that she’s been to Arendelle, but keeps it to herself.

Cut back to Arendelle and Belle runs into Anna, who agrees to take her to the trolls since she’s heading there anyway.

Robin Hood calls out Regina for avoiding him. She says it’s because she’s scared to tell him the truth, that she’s not sure she can save Marion. She tells him falling in love with Marion again may be the only way to save her.

Mr. Gold and the Snow Queen have a chat. The Snow Queen is delighted that every detail has been going according to her plan. She warns Gold to stay out of her way.

In the mountains of Arendelle, Belle and Anna share dead mommy stories. Anna also gives Belle the 411 on the sorcerer’s hat with the ability to take away magic powers.

In Storybrooke, Belle tells Gold she needs to see the Snow Queen to right a wrong. She asks him to go with her, but he says no. She uses the fake dagger to force him into going along with her. She plans to use the sorcerer’s hat to force the Snow Queen into telling them where Anna is.

Emma and Hook look through Emma’s childhood drawings that the Snow Queen has held on to, but they stumble upon a scroll with magic writing, clearly not of our world.

In Arendelle, Belle and Anna meet with the rock trolls. Grand Pabbie gives Belle a magic pebble and tells her to brew a tea with it inside the kettle. If she drinks the tea where she lost her memories, they will return to her. Grand Pabbie tells Anna that not only did her mother have a sister, she had two sisters. All three of them were very close. One day Helga and Ingrid (the Snow Queen) disappeared and all trace of them was erased from the royal records to spare the family from any more pain.

In the Snow Queen’s lair, Belle finds a beautiful, but creepy mirror. She sees herself in it, but the reflection has a mind of its own.

The Snow Queen sends a storm as Belle and Anna are climbing down the mountains of Arendelle. They lose their footing and slip. Belle drops the pebble and Anna falls to the ground before Belle can save her. Ingrid takes the box with the sorcerer’s hat from Anna and tells Belle to stay out of family business.

Belle’s reflection is surprised she was brave enough to come. The reflection makes Belle question the authenticity of the dagger. Belle swings the dagger at Gold, who whisks them back to his shop. Belle sees she hurt him and drops the dagger. She apologizes, saying a spell came over her and made her believe horrible things. Belle confesses she’s the reason Anna is missing, but she doesn’t want anyone to know until she can save her and make things right. They embrace and Belle foolishly puts her trust in Gold.

In fairytale land, Belle’s father tells her he knows what happened during the ogre attack. Belle’s mother died protecting her. What’s worse, he tells her the ogres are coming for them again. Belle wants to stop them once and for all. She says she’s heard of a powerful wizard who can help and she wants to find him. Her father dare not speak his name, but Belle is willing to pay the price for the magic to save their land. She wants to be a hero like her mother, even if it means summoning Rumpelstiltskin.

Gold confronts Ingrid about the mirror. He tells her to watch herself. He won’t let her hurt those he cares about. Gold conjures up the sorcerer’s hat and asks her to reconsider her position.

In Arendelle, Ingrid has Anna locked up in a dungeon. She accuses Anna of wanting to use the hat on Elsa. Anna explains it was their parents who wanted to use it on Elsa, not her. Ingrid doesn’t believe her. All she ever wanted was an accepting family.

In Storybrooke, Elsa and Emma discuss the Snow Queen and how Emma looks exactly like the “savior” in the prophecy they found among Ingrid’s things. The prophecy says Emma will become Ingrid’s sister and, with Elsa, they will be one happy family. Belle comes to warn them of the mirror that has the power to make everyone turn on each other, which can only mean we’re in for a lot of bickering next week.

What is the Snow Queen’s real goal? How long until Belle figures out the truth about Rumpelstiltskin? When is Mulan going to show up so we can confirm once and for all that Elsa is a lesbian???


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