BOOK REVIEW: Kindle Alexander’s Double Full


Browsing the Kindle store, my attention is immediately stolen by a strapping photo of a hunk in football gear. On a sheer whim, I hit the purchase button. Double Full is the first book in a series by Author Kindle Alexander that chronicles the relationship of its main characters, Colton and Jace. Things literally start off with a bang, the first scene naturally depicting a passionate encounter in the locker room.

After what we think is just a random hookup, we find out Colton is the up and coming professional football player being drafted from his college team. He has an insatiable love for cheerleader Jace, but Colton is so far in the closet due to his sport and his homophobic father that he can’t be the man he wants to be. Jace, not scared to be the gay man he is, struggles with their secret relationship.

Through a series of events the boys are forced apart by Colton’s father. Colton gets engaged to a supermodel to save his image. He has everything he ever wanted, the only thing missing is Jace. Colton dives into a life of alcohol and drugs to try and dull the pain in his heart from missing Jace.

Meanwhile, Jace is struggling. Colton ended their relationship without warning or explanation. He commits himself to his work and opens a successful cheerleading gym, but he can’t stop wondering what happened.

It’s interesting to read the struggles and stigma that athletes still face today. This story is a work of fiction, but we see the result of what happens when athletes come out of the closet. Either they are welcomed full heartily or they are ostracized from their sport and lifestyle. Colton is forced so far down the rabbit hole that he can’t climb back out as long as his father is his manager, controlling his life and fortune.

This just reiterates how important it is to be yourself and not to let anything come between you and your own happiness. We see that having it all on the surface isn’t exactly what we desire underneath. Colton and Jace eventually find each other and struggle to break free to be happy together, but a decade goes by before they cross paths again. Both find it difficult to move on without each other and lust after the one who got away. Listening to your heart can be nearly impossible when outside forces are tugging you in multiple directions. In the end we just want to be with the person we love, the person who gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. For Colton this person is Jace and his heart always belonged to him. Colton and Jace are lucky enough to find a second a chance with each other.

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but an attracitve young model in football gear doesn’t hurt. Double Full isn’t one to pass up if you come across it. Don’t fumble when it comes to love; you never know when someone may come along and intercept your life. This time you could score a touchdown, and everyone deserves a victory dance.

Check out the book trailer:


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