We’re Still Alive!

Gay the Straight Away may have been in a deep coma for the past year, but it still has a pulse. When we started GTSA in 2013, we conceived it as a fun side project to fill our time. It quickly took on a life of its own, but like a newborn baby, it could not take care of itself.  It demanded time that we just didn’t have.

A year ago, we re-launched the site with newfound enthusiasm, truly believing things had settled enough to afford us the time GTSA required. As usual, we were wrong. We weren’t ready to call it quits, but we were unable to keep the momentum going.

We apologize to our readers and our subjects for the radio silence. There’s really no excuse. We bit off more than we could chew. It made us sad, but we were learning to accept it. But then a funny thing happened. Even when we were distracted by our hectic lives, you all kept reading. In fact, GTSA continued to thrive without any effort on our part. This inspired us. Maybe we really don’t need to slave over GTSA for it to find its audience. As long you’re reading, there’s a value to keeping GTSA alive.

Can we promise we will never fall back again? Absolutely not. What we do promise is to keep our passion for the project burning, even if we only have limited time. We may disappear, but we will never truly leave you. Keep reading and we’ll keep bringing you LGBTQ content, both relevant and irrelevant. Thanks for staying with us. You’re cute. We like having you around 😉


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