Happy Birthday: 10 Reasons We Love RuPaul

There’s no better time to celebrate RuPaul’s creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent than on the dazzling diva’s day of birth. RuPaul has been a household name for over two decades, a tremendous accomplishment for a drag performer both then and now. To pay homage to our fabulous icon, we’re counting the reasons why we love the legendary RuPaul.

  1. She keeps it real.
  2. Offering free therapy, she’s practically a shrink.
  3. She can see through your bullshit.
  4. She’s not afraid to display emotion.
  5. She’s the only person alive who can smize better than Tyra.
  6. She’s not afraid to get ugly.
  7. We’re jealous of her boogie.
  8. She can turn into a panther (like all the greats).
  9. She’s not afraid to give tough love.
  10. She’s a little bit crazy.

RuPaul, thank you for being you.

And stay sassy!


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