RPDR Recap and Power [Bottom] Rankings: Supermodel Snatch Game


Following Naysha’s departure, Chi Chi apologizes to Derrick, but Bob picks up right where Chi Chi left off. Bob reads Derrick like a cheap romance novel – fast and salaciously. The episode just started and there’s already a lot of focus on Bob, which in the world of reality television means she either wins the challenge this week or she goes home.

It’s another week without a mini challenge, but that’s okay this time because it’s the Snatch Game episode! The queens quickly get to work on their impersonations and begin sorting through their wigs. Naomi wants to do Whoopi, specifically Whoopi from The Color Purple, because it’s such an iconic performance that everyone knows. I’m not sure if Naomi has actually seen The Color Purple, because there isn’t much fun to be had with that character. Bob also wants to do Whoopi, specifically Sister Act Whoopi, which is by far funnier than Naomi’s take. Bob is also considering doing Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black or Carol Channing. Naomi realizes she’s out of her league and changes course.

This season’s Snatch Game contestants are Chanel Iman and Gigi Hadid. Thorgy manages to stay in character as Michael Jackson. Kim Chi offers up Kimmy Jong Un, her take on a feminine Kim Jong Il, and is mostly forgettable. Acid Betty goes with Nancy Grace, who’s ripe for impersonation, but Betty answers everything so literally without trying to insert humor. Robbie brings Diana Vreeland to the panel and completely blends into the background. Abandoning Whoopi, Naomi dresses up as New York from Flavor of Love. Like Acid Betty, Naomi seems to miss the point of Snatch Game – comedy. Chi Chi DeVayne at least makes an effort with Eartha Kitt, even if it’s a bit too on the nose. Of course, Derrick Barry has to show off Britney. She looks fantastic, but she has the personality of a wet rag. Bob is funny as Uzo Aduba, but she takes it to another level when she switches over to Carol Channing, bringing us two personalities in one Snatch Game. Bob’s Carol Channing is hysterical, really capturing her humor. Overall, the celebrity choices for this season’s Snatch Game are weak. The queens seem to have forgotten that they’re supposed to be impersonating FEMALE celebrities.

This week’s runway theme is Night of 100 Madonnas and the queens are seriously lacking in originality. Thorgy Thor, Derrick Barry, and Naomi Smalls all recreate Madonna’s look from the video for “Nothing Really Matters”. Kim Chi also wears a similar kimono, but in an effort to capture “Paradise (Not for Me)” Madonna. Acid Betty walks down with some extra baggage, giving us Madonna’s pregnant look from “Bedtime Stories”. Thankfully, we have Chi Chi DeVayne to walk out in Madonna’s iconic cone bra. Bob the Drag Queen takes a chance paying tribute to Madonna’s 2013 GLAAD Media Awards boy scout ensemble, and it pays off.

Kim Chi and Chi Chi DeVayne are both safe. Thorgy receives positive comments from the judges. Michelle tells Betty she let her down in the Snatch Game. All of the judges agree that Betty missed the opportunity to bring us the humor of Nancy Grace, and that her wig was all wrong. They accurately point out that Robbie could have gone bigger in the Snatch Game. Naomi basically admits she sucked and the judges don’t correct her. They liked Derrick’s performance as Britney, but who knows why. Derrick Barry’s Britney is to Chad Michaels’ Cher what Svedka is to Greygoose. The judges loved Bob’s performance, but Michelle warns her she bordered on showboating.

Bob is this week’s winner and will receive $10,000 worth of handbags and wallets. Thorgy is safe. Derrick is (for some reason) also safe. Acid Betty is up for elimination. Robbie is safe, which means Naomi is also up for elimination. The two queens in the bottom must lip sync for their lives to Madonna’s “Causing A Commotion”. They both put in an effort, but it’s clear Betty never thought she would have to lip sync tonight. If she had, one would think she wouldn’t have gone with a runway look that restricts her movement. Betty tries to make the most of it, but her mobility is severely limited. On the other hand, Naomi desperately wants to stay and it shows. In the end, Naomi stays and Acid Betty sashays away.


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