RPDR Recap and Power [Bottom] Rankings: Wizards of Drag


This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race is easily one of the best episodes of all time. Why? Because this week we not only get to see the queens compete for a chance to become America’s Next Drag Superstar, we get to see them do it with the cast of Little Women: LA! The only way this could possibly be more exciting would be if Tyra randomly popped up as a guest judge. Alas, that is not the case (we still think you’re sexy, Marc Jacobs).

After Acid Betty’s departure, Kim Chi is relieved that Naomi stayed. Even Thorgy, Betty’s frenemy, agrees that Betty deserved to go home. The competition is getting stiffer and Robbie points out that Bob is like Jenga – ready to fall apart from the foundation.

The library is open for this week’s mini challenge and the queens have to read each other. None of this year’s queens would be able to go up against Bianca. This is normally where you’d get the highlights, if there were any. Instead, all you need to know is that Bob wins (shocker), so that Jenga tower isn’t falling just yet.

Here to help Ru announce the maxi challenge are the women from Lifetime’s Little Women: LA. Now we can tell just how long ago this season was filmed, since Brittney is there, who’s no longer part of the show, and Elena is without a baby bump. The challenge is for the queens to give themselves and their little women makeovers inspired by characters in The Wizard of Oz. Each little woman has been assigned a character and gets to choose which queen they want to work with. Briana and Kim Chi have the Wicked Witch of the West, Christy and Robbie have the Cowardly Lion, Elena and Bob have Glinda the Good, Terra and Derrick have the Tin Woodsman, Jasmine and Naomi have the Scarecrow, Tonya and Chi Chi have Dorothy, and Brittney and Thorgy have Citizen of the Emerald City (did they run out of characters? What about the wizard?).

Naomi is determined to prove that she’s talented, even if she has to put some clothes on to do it. Tonya offers Chi Chi some great advice, which is that she needs to be confident even if she is just a trash queen. Who knew Lil Boss would be exactly what Chi Chi needs at this point in the competition?

RuPaul expresses concern with the direction of Derrick’s garment. Ru tells Derrick it’s just like all of the other looks she’s presented. Terra tells Ru how competitive she is and that she’s willing to put in 120% to help them win. Unfortunately for Terra, she could put in 200% and it wouldn’t be enough to help Derrick win. RuPaul also drops on the queens that they’re going to have to do an interpretive dance in the poppy field.

Jasmine talks about how she hates the word midget. Anyone who has seen Little Women: LA has heard this conversation at least a dozen times before. They are little people, not midgets, so get it right! Bob ends up ruining her outfit and having to start from scratch, literally putting makeup on her face up until the last second (or so they would have us believe thanks to the wonders of editing).

Todrick Hall and Marc Jacobs are this week’s guest judges. Chi Chi and Tonya walk down the runway looking like they fell in the dump, but Tonya’s advice seems to work and they both sell the look. Bob hasn’t really seemed to capture the essence of Glinda for Elena or herself, but they do look surprisingly put together considering they were running out of time. Naomi takes Scarecrow to high fashion territory and is actually somewhat covered up. Okay, she’s barely covered up, but at least there’s a skirt instead of a pair of panties. Derrick and Terra look like Britney got drunk wearing a Barbarella costume. Thorgy and Brittney are decked out in green, but their looks aren’t very inspiring. To be fair, they didn’t have much to work with in terms of character inspiration. Kim Chi and Briana go high concept with a look that transforms as they break apart and walk the runway.

The interpretive dance is nothing less than amazing, from what we can tell. Instead of getting to see each of the dances, we only get a montage of the best/silliest moments. Can we just start making all Drag Race episodes 90 minutes?

Michelle Visage calls out Chi Chi for her lack of contouring and her uncinched waist. The judges note that Bob was outshined by Elena. It’s true, but anyone familiar with Little Women: LA knows Elena usually outshines everyone. The judges love Naomi’s look and call it “perfection”. Michelle tells Derrick that her costume looks “homemade in the worst way.” The judges also point out Robbie’s wig line, which they claim is a recurring problem. Marc thinks Kim Chi is fantastic and Michelle agrees that she did a great job. They tell Thorgy her look is cohesive, but doesn’t wow them.

RuPaul then asks the queens which of them they think should be eliminated. Chi Chi, Bob, and Naomi all say Derrick should be sent home. Derrick, Robbie, Kim Chi, and Thorgy all think Chi Chi should be sent home for her lack of polish.

During deliberation, Ru accidentally refers to Derrick as Britney, which is not a good sign for the impersonation queen.

Thorgy Thor is the first called to safety. Kim Chi is also safe. Naomi Smalls is the winner of this week’s challenge and she NEEDED the win. Bob the Drag Queen is safe. Derrick Barry is up for elimination. Robbie Turner is also up for elimination, which means Chi Chi is safe for now.

Derrick and Robbie must lip sync for their lives to Icona Pop’s “I Love It” (why not something from The Wiz? Or Wicked?). They both put in a reasonable amount of effort until Derrick finally steps it up and gives us something. This is really the first time we’ve seen the performer that Derrick can be. In an effort to match Derrick’s energy, Robbie tears off her wig, and pretty much seals her fate. Note to future Drag Race contestants – keep your wigs and clothes on unless you have another wig or outfit on underneath. No one wants to see your boy look. It does not make it seem like you’re giving your all; it makes you seem like you’re giving up. Of course, Derrick Barry stays and Robbie Turner sashays away.



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