RPDR Recap and Power [Bottom] Rankings: Shady Politics


No one seems to miss Robbie at the start of this week’s Drag Race. Instead, the queens focus on making fun of the “acceptance speech” Derrick Barry gave after surviving the lip sync. Indeed, it did go on and on and on, and was about as genuine as Britney Spears’ virginity circa 2000. After many of the queens named Chi Chi as the one deserving to go home, she is certainly letting it get to her. Chi Chi complains that the other queens don’t take her seriously or see her as a threat – and why would they? Chi Chi may be fun, but she’s a trash queen without the wit to compensate.

The Pit Crew and their “bunk mates” are here to help with this week’s mini challenge, their briefs looking extra stuffed this week. RuPaul will reveal one fact about each of the hunks and, based on that fact, the queens have to determine if they prefer the top or bottom bunk. Watching the studs pile onto a bunk bed is certainly welcome eye candy. In the end, only one actually prefers the top bunk, the bottom bunk a display right out of a top’s wet dream. Derrick Barry guessed the most correctly, which makes her the winner of the mini challenge.

This week’s maxi challenge has the queens working in pairs to create mock campaign ads. RuPaul was sure to pair up adversaries. Thorgy will be working with Chi Chi, Kim Chi will be working with Naomi, and Bob will be working with Derrick.

Thorgy is happy to work with Chi Chi because she is sure she will outshine her and she already has lots of material to work with. Despite constant bickering throughout the competition, Bob and Derrick are able to work well together because they both agree that winning is what’s most important. Naomi notices that Thorgy is more concerned with besting Bob than working on her own strengths.

While filming their ads, Bob astutely observes that Derrick has finally learned to let go. The two ham it up. At last, Derrick isn’t afraid to look foolish and actually embraces being silly. We all know Bob is great at comedy by now, so it’s no surprise that her ad goes well. Kim Chi has trouble following direction. Michelle gives her some tips on how to deliver her lines, but each take is identical to the last. Naomi is fine, but uninspiring. Chi Chi’s first take is very odd, but Michelle tells her to be herself and Chi Chi improves. Thorgy delivers a solid performance, but struggles to focus on one idea out of the many she has written down. Michelle kindly suggests they film Chi Chi drinking to match what Thorgy says in the ad, but she says she’s good. She would have been wise to take Michelle’s advice.

While getting ready for the runway, we learn that Bob was actually once arrested in drag for blocking traffic while fighting for marriage equality. The queens ask Kim Chi if she is from North or South Korea, to which she smartly replies, “You don’t just leave North Korea.” She was actually born in America and went to elementary school in South Korea.

This week’s runway theme is Black and White Realness. On hand to help judge this week are Vivica A. Fox and Thomas Roberts. Bob emerges onto the runway dressed as a creepy harlequin. Derrick gives us a cute goth girl with a dress that transforms as she walks down the runway. Naomi stomps down the runway in a sexy cabaret look, but she’s back to relying on body. As always, Kim Chi goes high concept with a look inspired by French mimes. Thorgy’s look is fun and fashionable, but her makeup is a little off. Chi Chi does old Hollywood in a dress handed down to her by her drag mother. The look is more polished than her past looks, but there’s still something slightly sloppy about her makeup.

The judges love Bob’s ad, but Michelle challenges her to show them a fully glamorous look. Derrick’s ad is decent, but a huge improvement over her past performances. She commits to the character and shows the judges she knows how to let loose. Carson is underwhelmed with Derrick’s runway look and her pretty girl makeup. Naomi’s ad turns out better than expected. She is the only one to throw true shade at her adversary. Michelle loves her runway look and Carson declares it his favorite. As expected, Kim Chi’s ad is awkward, but Vivica loves her runway makeup. Carson doesn’t like her ad and Michelle declares that Kim Chi isn’t a speaker, but they all agree she brings something unique to the table. Thorgy’s ad was okay, but not great. Thomas loved the character she was going for, but the judges agree she needs to learn to edit her ideas. Carson doesn’t love Thorgy’s runway look, either. Chi Chi’s ad was underwhelming, but acceptable. The judges all think she could have done more. The main critique for both Thorgy and Chi Chi is that they were too nice to each other. Chi Chi makes excuses and the judges reiterate that she just needs to be herself.

Michelle Visage says that this is the best top six in the history of RuPaul’s Drag Race and that the queens should be proud of themselves, because none of them were terrible. Ha!

Bob the Drag Queen and Derrick Barry are this week’s winners. Naomi Smalls and Kim Chi are also safe, which means Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi DeVayne are up for elimination. The two must lip sync for their lives to “And I Am Telling You” from Dreamgirls. The song choice seems more tailored to Chi Chi, but Thorgy puts up a fight. Ultimately, Chi Chi is able to convey more raw emotion. Chi Chi stays and Thorgy sashays away.


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