No, Kelly Osbourne, We Cannot and Will Not Give Donald Trump A Chance


As this world, country, and overall existence continues to trump everything that I am as a gay, sensitive, African-American man, I have come to some interesting realizations.

Firstly, at least once a week, someone with a name who will never know what it’s like to be a third-level society lesser will speak as if they have the defining know-how on how to “fix” me. Secondly, this person is most likely white — because of course they would be. And lastly, this somebody will most definitely be the largest hypocrite to ever exist in this day and age, because hypocrites tend to spend way more time trying to sift through our closets than their messy own.

This time around, it’s former reality starlet and current clothing designer Kelly Osbourne, who, for the second time in recent memory, has spoken extremely out of turn. For some reason, the British import, who once tried to call out Donald Trump as being racist by saying something equally racist, is consistently treated as some kind of major queer icon, despite the fact that as far as I know, she’s only co-headed one LGBTQ Pride Parade in Los Angeles with her mom, Sharon (who I love), and appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race a couple of times (which I no longer love, but that’s a story for another day).

Anyway, as it turns out, Osbourne, as noted by Queerty, also loans some of her time to The Trevor Project, a well-regarded, non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention for queer youth, among other things. During a fundraiser for them on Tuesday night, the 32-year-old media personality was on hand to accept an award for her work with the organization, where she said the following:

“We’re living in a time when we might not have the future president that we wanted in this country. And as an immigrant who can’t vote, I don’t really get to say much. But tonight, I do.

“People voted for him. So just like they gave us a chance to love equally, we will fight to keep that. But we have to give him a chance. And we do it by spreading love, not hate.”

Do you know what else people voted for, Kelly? “Brexit.” But I digress.

How interesting is it that every time someone comes out even in slight favor of Trump, the first thing they tell us to do is “give him a chance”? Mind you, this is the same man who won’t even give Saturday Night Live a chance to do what they’ve done for years, including last year, when they did what they normally do, and consequently gave him 90 minutes of free campaign time.

This is the same man who tossed all of Mexican-American descent into one sludge-filled pool and said that he wanted to literally build a wall around them to “make America great again.”

This is the same man with supporters like Tomi “Black Lives Matter is the new KKK” Lahren, David Duke, forever and always of the KKK, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, a man whose hatred toward the LGBTQ community has been well noted, and doesn’t need an addendum to explain just how dangerous he is.

But yet, we’re supposed to give Donald Trump — temperamental, rude, idiotic, alleged rapist Donald Trump — “a chance.”

You know, I would ask what was wrong with Kelly Osbourne, but considering what she did to her father’s supposed mistress a few months back, it’s pretty much clear that there was probably never much “right” with her to begin with.

Now, far be it from me to question why The Trevor Project deemed her worthy to accept such a high honor, especially since her track record with minorities will forever and always have a red mark, but if one is going to attempt to speak for another, then perhaps it is best that they actually try to know that group and what they’re feeling right now.

For example, there are loads of posts and think pieces available at the click of a button regarding why anyone who isn’t a cisgender, heterosexual white male is absolutely terrified of what is sure is to come in these next four years.

Also — and this is pretty obvious, but maybe she missed it, just as she missed why Rosie Perez, formerly of The View, was so upset with her comments — she’s actually attached to a pro-LGBTQ organization with many LGBTQ people who could literally sit her down and explain just why it’s nearly impossible for any of us to give Donald Trump “a chance.” She doesn’t just have access to sources through Google — she’s literally surrounded by them at The Trevor Project! Why wouldn’t she utilize them?

It’s not up to me to deem anyone, Kelly Osbourne or otherwise, the next “grand dame of the gays,” but if she truly, in her heart of hearts, wants to stand up for us, then she needs to do better. If not, then she needs to refer to her first music flop from 2002. #GoogleIsYourFriend

Pop-culture obsessed, opinionated and not afraid of either aspect, Jonathan Apollo tends to have a lot to say about everything and anything — especially when it pertains to the world of entertainment. Check out more of what he has to say on his Facebook page and his Twitter profile. Be warned, though: he’s not afraid to respond when necessary.


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