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Come Out (Again) for National Coming Out Day

Today is the 26th annual National Coming Out Day, a day when a lot of us queers celebrate coming out (instead of begrudging it). Check out the feed below for live coming outs from around the world and add your own (or don’t – you should only ever come out when you’re ready!). Happy National … Continue reading

BREAKING: SEC Defensive Player of the Year Comes Out, Could Be First Out NFL’er

by KATIE REITER All-American defensive lineman and 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam came out to ESPN’s Outside the Lines Sunday evening. Sam, who has been out to his teammates and coaches at Missouri since August, stands to become the first out gay NFL player when he enters the draft this year. … Continue reading

Pshaw! Gays to be ‘Safe’ at Russian Winter Olympics Says Vlad Putin, But Leave Them Kids Alone

by JOE DELMONACO Claiming that Russia is more liberal than other countries with respect to LGBT rights, its president, Vladimir Putin, announced on Friday that homosexuals attending or participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics will be safe. Saying that the situation in Russia is better for homosexuals than in other countries, including the US, where … Continue reading

Arrests Continue Under Nigeria’s New Anti-LGBT Laws

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE It’s a bad time to be gay in Nigeria, not that there was ever a particularly good one. Police have arrested 38 gay men in Nigeria’s northern Bauchi state, reports the Associated Press. Police have a list of 168 suspects, the names allegedly obtained through torture. Last week Nigerian … Continue reading

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