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Ricky Martin and Boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella Call It Quits

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE It looks like Ricky Martin is back to livin’ la vida loca. Helga Garcia, Martin’s spokesperson, has confirmed the hunky musician has split from his longtime economist boyfriend. Martin, who turned 42 on Dec. 24th, has only been publicly out as a gay man since 2010, when he came … Continue reading

Marriage Roundup: New Mexico and Utah Get Busy, Oregon’s Just Curious

by YOUR HEAD DYKE IN CHARGE This week in marriage, New Mexico and Utah declared their bans unconstitutional and Oregon’s party is just getting started. Welcome to your marriage roundup, The Redemption of Ken Mehlman Edition. On Thursday New Mexico’s Supreme Court declared the state’s 2004 voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional, making it the … Continue reading

Top Ten Gay-Playing Actors We Wish Weren’t So Straight

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE Nothing is hotter than a hunky heterosexual man comfortable enough with his own masculinity to portray gay characters for all to see. Since women can’t have all the fun, we’ve ranked the top 10 actors we wish would switch teams, like some of the characters they’ve portrayed. We didn’t … Continue reading

Matt GAYmon Leads Your 2013 Queer Film Roundup

by MISS FEMMEMORANDUM Happy holidays, readers, or, as I call it, happy week-off-to-prep-for-Oscar-season. The pool of films released in 2013 included several LGBT themes, characters, and stories, from Adèle Exarchopolous and Lea Seydoux’s heartrending and scandalous Blue Is The Warmest Colour to David Sedaris’s semi-autobiographical C.O.G.

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