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Queeries and Questions: Poop 101, HIV and Genderblind Molestation

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE For this edition of Queeries and Questions, we took to reddit’s askMen board to find out what straight men really want to know about us. Your Head Fag in Charge straightens them out below. Poop: how do you handle the poop? I mean, I know people get enemas to clean … Continue reading

Free Therapy: Your November Horoscope

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE Need help deciding whether or not to tell your boyfriend you cheated on him? Worried your girlfriend is moving on to another boi? Unsure how to tell your hag you need space? Check back for your monthly horoscope to get the answers to life’s questions. Warning: if you’re looking … Continue reading

Orgasm Wars: America: EXTREME Edition

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE The Japanese aren’t the only ones who like orgasms. That’s all I can think when I watch a recent video that’s been circulating the Internet. The clip is of a gay man attempting to make a straight porn star blow a load before the clock runs out on a … Continue reading

America’s First Gay President (That We Know Of)

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE No, I’m not referring to some promising up and coming politician. Sorry to disappoint, but Hillary is probably the closest you’ll get to a lesbian in the next presidential race. And no, I’m not talking about those scandalous gay rumors surrounding Abe Lincoln. Let’s go one stop further back … Continue reading

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