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Shakira and Rihanna Release Steamy Music Video

by DAVE FUMAROLA The video has dropped for Shakira and Rihanna’s duet, “Can’t Remember to Forget You.” The video is relatively simple. In it, Rihanna and Shakira, both scantily clad, hang out in a mansion and lounge by the pool at night. Oh, and there’s a lot of groping going on. Even though the lyrics … Continue reading

Miley’s Girl on Girl Fun

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE There’s been quite a bit of buzz on the Internet over the below video of Miley Cyrus grinding and making out with one of Britney Spears’ backup dancers. The video depicts Miley dancing with the young woman during Britney’s performance of “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)” from the … Continue reading

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