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Straight Actors Grab Their Gay Golden Globes

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE If you happened to catch the 71st Golden Globe Awards you witnessed quite the spectacle. I’m not talking about Jacqueline Bisset’s incoherent rambling or the stunning Jennifer Lawrence winning another award on her way to cementing her status as Queen of the World. While there are usually a couple … Continue reading

Dumbledore: The Unsung Gay Hero of Harry Potter

by ELLE GATEAU Dumbledore, of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, is quite the man of mystery. Little was said about Dumbledore’s private life in her seven magical books. Rowling left us “potterheads” filled with curiosity about everyone’s favorite headmaster. After being asked about Dumbledore’s hidden love life, J.K. Rowling replied, “My truthful answer to you: I always … Continue reading

Review: ANTM Champ Stars in Ashley, Takes Strange, Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk

by YOUR HEAD DYKE IN CHARGE When I first heard that Nicole Fox, winner of America’s Next Top Model: Special Olympics Petite Cycle, was starring in a movie as a lesbian, I was psyched at the marriage of two of my favorite things. TyTyBaby Productions and gay media, I’m a whore for you both. I … Continue reading

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