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Nashville Recap: I’m Coming Home to You

Two months have passed since our last stop in Nashville. Everyone gets a break from the road, but not everyone is going to be able to relax. Will Lexington doesn’t seem thrilled to be home, probably since his wife hates him now that she knows he’s a closeted homosexual. Deacon offers to be there for … Continue reading

Can ANTM’s Will Jardell Pirouette His Way to the Top?

by DAVE FUMAROLA   Can America’s Next Top Model be a guy? That’s the question viewers have been asking since ANTM introduced male contestants in Cycle 20. The answer to this question just might be found in current contestant Will Jardell. He’s not as muscular or as rugged as the other male models on ANTM, … Continue reading

But I Go to Straight Bars with You All the Time

by KATIE REITER About a week before I moved across country, one of the small, dark, members-only-type bars in my majority Spanish neighborhood underwent a significant facelift. A rainbow flag appeared in a window, a sandwich board announced a “coming out” party, and the day before I left, the marquee was replaced with brand new … Continue reading

Free Therapy: Your December Horoscope

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE Need help deciding whether or not to tell your boyfriend you cheated on him? Worried your girlfriend is moving on to another boi? Unsure how to tell your hag you need space? Check back for your monthly horoscope to get the answers to life’s questions. Warning: if you’re looking … Continue reading

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