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Remembering Ramon Novarro

by CHARLIE PURCELL Ramon Novarro would’ve been 117 this month. The Mexican actor started in movies exactly 100 years ago and, for much of the twenties, he was one of the biggest stars in the world. After Rudolph Valentino died, he was Hollywood’s “Latin lover,” an actor idolized by millions. He was also gay, and when … Continue reading

The Wings: A 100-Year-Old Gay Silent Film

by CHARLIE PURCELL Welcome to the uncharted waters of 2016, a year that promises an increasingly frustrating election cycle, plenty of climate change horror stories, and the moment everyone stops being impressed that hoverboards are real. Oh, and a bunch of gay-themed movies are going to hit the screen. In the last few years, we’ve seen … Continue reading

The Secret Life of Gaybraham Lincoln

by ELLE GATEAU Four score and seven years ago our president was a homosexual. That’s right! You may be surprised to find that Abraham Lincoln had another, gayer side to him. Lincoln’s stepmother is quoted saying that he, “never took much interest in the girls.” Some of his acquaintances disagreed with Sarah Lincoln’s comment and cite … Continue reading

America’s First Gay President (That We Know Of)

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE No, I’m not referring to some promising up and coming politician. Sorry to disappoint, but Hillary is probably the closest you’ll get to a lesbian in the next presidential race. And no, I’m not talking about those scandalous gay rumors surrounding Abe Lincoln. Let’s go one stop further back … Continue reading

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