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Body Image and the LGBTQ Community

by¬†JESSICA MAHMOUD Originally published on Queersmatter. A few hours ago, I was in Dunkin’ Donuts ordering a late night tea and I heard a fellow customer say, “I wish donuts were healthy for you,” to which someone replied, “I wish they were, too. I would eat them like all the time.” Something like that. We … Continue reading

6 Steps Towards Whole-Heartedly Loving Yourself as a Feminine Gay Man

by¬†Jayson Flores Originally published on Everyday Feminism and re-published here with their permission. When I was a teenager, I was vocally adamant about not being attracted to other feminine gay boys. I was, at that point, the amalgamation of my fear, anger, angst, confusion, and self-loathing. I think back to those days and wish I … Continue reading

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