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Zoolander 2’s Anti-Trans Dilemma

by CHARLIE PURCELL Zoolander 2 debuted its first trailer amidst a wave of complaints and apathy. Why make a sequel to a fifteen-year-old comedy that people barely remember? Can’t Ben Stiller just make Tropic Thunder 2 instead? Doesn’t Kristen Wiig have something better to do with her time? These were, of course, the typical peanut gallery … Continue reading

Look Who’s Coming Out: Maria Bello Wants You to Know She Loves a Lady

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE You may know Maria Bello as the brazen Lil from Coyote Ugly, the ill-fated ex-wife of Johnny Depp in Secret Window, or the unfortunate spouse of Kevin James in the Grown Ups films. However you know her, there’s something else she’d like you to know – she’s also in … Continue reading

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