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Queeries and Questions: Poop 101, HIV and Genderblind Molestation

by YOUR HEAD FAG IN CHARGE For this edition of Queeries and Questions, we took to reddit’s askMen board to find out what straight men really want to know about us. Your Head Fag in Charge straightens them out below. Poop: how do you handle the poop? I mean, I know people get enemas to clean … Continue reading

Queeries and Questions: Eats the Pie Chart, Drinks the Haterade

by YOUR HEAD DYKE IN CHARGE Welcome to the first edition of Queeries and Questions, where straight (or otherwise inclined) readers can come to stop their protesting and satisfy their curiosity. Anonymously, of course. This week, we pop your queery cherry, get a little tongue-in-cheek and try to pick up a straight girl. Get out … Continue reading

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