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Happy 34th! Counting Down Britney’s Greatest Songs

  by KYLE COPELAND Britney Spears may not be a member of the LGBTQ community, but there’s no denying her impact on it. Since 1998 Britney Spears has brought us seventeen years of addictive pop music and has cemented herself in pop culture. This year on December 2nd Britney turns 34. What better way to … Continue reading

Nashville Recap: I’m Coming Home to You

Two months have passed since our last stop in Nashville. Everyone gets a break from the road, but not everyone is going to be able to relax. Will Lexington doesn’t seem thrilled to be home, probably since his wife hates him now that she knows he’s a closeted homosexual. Deacon offers to be there for … Continue reading

Catching Up with The Voice’s Amanda Lee Peers

by Nathan Bewley There hasn’t been a shortage of talent on The Voice season 7, but most viewers know by now it’s not all about talent on The Voice. Yes, singing ability is the most important factor for getting on the show, but staying on the show really comes down to who the coaches think America … Continue reading

‘BERTO’S BANTER: Lookin Ass Fellaz

Look at y’all bitch ass fellaz Stop lyin on your dick -ass fellaz Look at y’all lookin’ ass fellaz Stop lookin’ at my ass, ass fellaz Look at y’all lyin’ ass fellaz Talkin’ ’bout “It’s paid off” but it’s financed, lyin’ ass fellaz Bunch of non-mogul ass fellaz Frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost … Continue reading

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