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How to Support Your Child Who Is Questioning Their Sexual Orientation

by ELLEN FRIEDRICHS Originally published on Everyday Feminism and re-published here with their permission. When I was in college, I told my family I was dating a girl for the first time. We were out for dinner with my two younger brothers, and after yet another anecdote about a pal from school, one of them said, … Continue reading

‘BERTO’S BANTER: Call Him “Daddy”

Dating men with children, that is the topic at hand. Should you do it or not? Sexuality is not black or white; there are gray areas. My best friend who is a Jacqueline of all trades always says, “Sexuality is very much a scale and everyone falls somewhere on it”. Agreed! Based on how I … Continue reading

Disney Channel Introduces First-Ever Lesbian Couple

by DAVE FUMAROLA The Disney Channel just got a little bit gayer. This past Sunday, the channel introduced its first-ever lesbian couple in this past Sunday’s episode of Good Luck Charlie. “This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors,” a spokesperson for Disney Channel told TV Guide. “Like … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Parents of Just Out Children

by ELLE GATEAU Dear Parents, If your child came out of the closet to you this holiday season, I’m sure you’re filled with a million emotions and perhaps you’re seeking a little guidance. First of all, congratulations! You’re child is a homosexual, which is rare like an antique vase or something. Cherish them and handle them … Continue reading

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