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BOOK REVIEW: Avery Paul’s Goldenrod and Tomorrow Always Comes

by KYLE COPELAND I am not one who normally reads erotica. It seems that ever since the giant blowup of the Fifty Shades novels, the genre is going through a renaissance of sorts. Every time I turn around some new guilty pleasure is being sucked up by readers. In Goldenrod and Tomorrow Always Comes, Avery … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: Kindle Alexander’s Double Full

by KYLE COPELAND Browsing the Kindle store, my attention is immediately stolen by a strapping photo of a hunk in football gear. On a sheer whim, I hit the purchase button. Double Full is the first book in a series by Author Kindle Alexander that chronicles the relationship of its main characters, Colton and Jace. … Continue reading

Review: ANTM Champ Stars in Ashley, Takes Strange, Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk

by YOUR HEAD DYKE IN CHARGE When I first heard that Nicole Fox, winner of America’s Next Top Model: Special Olympics Petite Cycle, was starring in a movie as a lesbian, I was psyched at the marriage of two of my favorite things. TyTyBaby Productions and gay media, I’m a whore for you both. I … Continue reading

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