Same-sex marriage

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The Fight for Equality is Far From Over

by┬áJESSICA MAHMOUD Originally published on The Montclarion and Queersmatter. Same-sex marriage is just the start of equality for the LGBTQ community. Since the Supreme Court’s decision on Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, it has become a commonly held belief that the LGBTQ community has finally gained equal rights. In … Continue reading

Gay Wedding Unfolds Like Straight Wedding, Except for Pesky Anti-Marriage Laws

by KATE WHITE TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Starting at age 17, I was the most wild, untamable femme in all of Detroit. I broke every heart I snared, leaving them smashed into millions of little pieces from the east side all the way to the west side, and everywhere in between. Butches alerted each … Continue reading

Mahalo, Hawaii!

by YOUR HEAD DYKE IN CHARGE This morning at midnight Hawaii officially became the 17th state/district ┬áto legalize marriage equality. To everyone who worked on this effort we say, “Mahalo!” You may have been the last to join the union, Hawaii, but you’re certainly not the last to this party.

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