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Condoms: All You Need to Know

by ELIZABETH MORRIS The ubiquity of online dating sites like Grindr and other newbies mean that the appetite for casual sex has never been more prevalent and accessible. While this might be a wonderful thing for those who previously found themselves isolated by location or social group, it also, once again, raises the issue of … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: Avery Paul’s Goldenrod and Tomorrow Always Comes

by KYLE COPELAND I am not one who normally reads erotica. It seems that ever since the giant blowup of the Fifty Shades novels, the genre is going through a renaissance of sorts. Every time I turn around some new guilty pleasure is being sucked up by readers. In Goldenrod and Tomorrow Always Comes, Avery … Continue reading

HBO Breaks Up with Ryan Murphy’s Lesbian Drama

Despite the critical success of The Normal Heart, Ryan Murphy’s last collaboration with HBO, the premium network has decided not to move forward with Murphy’s new series. Open was described as “a multicharacter exploration of the complex, ever evolving landscape of sexuality, monogamy and intimacy in relationships.” The steamy drama was set to star Anna Torv, Jennifer Jason Leigh, … Continue reading

‘BERTO’S BANTER: Bisexual…or Bye-Bye?

Should gay men have reservations about dating bisexual men? Many might say “no.” Why limit your options, right? Some might say “yes, definitely.” I get it – you don’t want to worry about your man leaving you for a woman, is that it? Everyone from gay men to straight women seem to have an opinion … Continue reading

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