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Lesbian Responds to Father’s Attempts to Buy Her a Husband

by DAVE FUMAROLA The lesbian daughter of Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has written a letter to her father that was published in two Hong Kong newspapers addressing his homophobia. Specifically, Gigi Chao’s letter was in response to her father’s offer to pay $120 million to any man who would marry her. Gigi … Continue reading

Pay Away the Gay: Tycoon Offers $120 Million to Any Man Who Marries His Lesbian Daughter

by JOE DELMONACO Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has told reporters that he will pay $120M as a dowry for any man who marries his lesbian daughter Gigi Chao. The last time he made such an offer, it was for a paltry $60M, and reportedly drew 20,000 applications. “I don’t want to interfere … Continue reading

The Secret Life of Gaybraham Lincoln

by ELLE GATEAU Four score and seven years ago our president was a homosexual. That’s right! You may be surprised to find that Abraham Lincoln had another, gayer side to him. Lincoln’s stepmother is quoted saying that he, “never took much interest in the girls.” Some of his acquaintances disagreed with Sarah Lincoln’s comment and cite … Continue reading

The Hunger Games or Just The Hunger? Katniss Gets Straight-Washed

by DAVE FUMAROLA By now, almost everyone in the world is familiar with The Hunger Games, the trilogy that tells of a love triangle in a dystopian future. Between the hugely successful films and the myriad amount of merchandise depicting the well-known characters, The Hunger Games is in everyone’s faces. There’s only one problem – … Continue reading

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